History of Foster Angels

  • The Foster Angels of Hillsborough County, Inc was started in November 1988. 
  • In December 1987, the MacNeel foster home had eight foster children plus five biological children.  Two days before Christmas a sibling group of five children was placed in their home temporarily. 
  • With it being so close to Christmas the store shelves were picked over and what was left was not worth buying.  The MacNeel family divided what they had purchased for their own children and foster children and made sure that the new sibling group had a few Christmas gifts.
  • The MacNeels decided then that this situation should never happen to any child in a foster home again.  They solicited the assistance of other foster parents and volunteers creating the Foster Angels of Hillsborough County, Inc.
  • The first sponsor of the Foster Angels of Hillsborough County, Inc was the James A Haley VA Hospital.  To this day we are proud to say that we still enjoy their generous support.
  • Through the dedicated efforts of the volunteers the program has expanded considerably.  With the generous support of the community we now furnish Christmas gifts to over 1200 children in foster homes.  Tampa General Hospital is our largest supporter.
  • Since the creation of the Foster Angels of Hillsborough County, Inc, no volunteer has ever or will ever draw a salary.  The dedicated volunteers believe in the program and in supporting homes with foster children.  Melvin “Mac” MacNeel, Executive Director, created the program and today continues to ensure children in foster homes are taken care of for Christmas.

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